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All our lessons are on a Centurion Ri230 World Champion tow boat, and include knowledgeable instructor/boat driver, all equipment needed and bottled water.

Lake Murten: We are the only wakesurf school in the region that offers the best tow boat with the perfect wave adjustable for every level. 

Book 120 minutes package or more and and safe your on the surf minute price.

* We’re available for coaching on your boat midweek only.

Privacy & Safety


  • Minimum 2 people and maximum 6 people in a group.  Exceptions are made for families – please Contact Us

  • We may not be able to offer all sizes of infant lifejackets.  Please Call Ahead to discuss your requirements

  • The duration of the session depends on the number of riders and the riding time of every rider. We may stay on the water until everyone made his surf time, but a maximum of 2.5 hours. If there are few riders, this means that you may have more of surf time. And if the session is fully booked, maximum 15 min surf time for every rider.

  • We have all needed materials.. Materials means: wakesurf board, wakeboard board, handle, life vest. We don't have helmets or long neoprene. Of course, you can also bring your own material. Please remember that according to our terms and conditions you have to wear a life vest.


Session is starting from all wakeboarders, then all wake surfers. For wakeboarders, the wind is more critical than for wake surfers. When other riders ride, you can watch, enjoy the sun and at best help the driver.

  1. You have to take off the shoes before entering the boat.

  2. No food on the boat unless it was proposed by boat driver.

  3. It's not recommended to change your place inside the boat during the manoeuvres.


You will find our prices in the "Plans & Prices" section. You only pay for the minutes you are behind the boat as a rider or if you're not planning to ride you can come with someone as a spectator for 15 Fr.

We accept:


  • Cash

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